Jacqueline Thompson
B: 1941-11-17
D: 2020-09-27
View Details
Thompson, Jacqueline
Agnes Sutcliffe
B: 1934-09-12
D: 2020-09-27
View Details
Sutcliffe, Agnes
Christine Holdsworth
B: 1967-03-26
D: 2020-09-27
View Details
Holdsworth, Christine
Alexander Ajanaku
B: 1960-09-14
D: 2020-09-27
View Details
Ajanaku, Alexander
Liyu Liu
B: 1941-08-02
D: 2020-09-25
View Details
Liu, Liyu
Judith Jarrett
B: 1942-05-25
D: 2020-09-25
View Details
Jarrett, Judith
James Matthews
B: 1965-06-02
D: 2020-09-23
View Details
Matthews, James
Richard Troncatti
B: 1926-10-12
D: 2020-09-22
View Details
Troncatti, Richard
Ella Stonestreet
B: 1936-03-13
D: 2020-09-22
View Details
Stonestreet, Ella
Randall Vuncannon
B: 1987-12-20
D: 2020-09-22
View Details
Vuncannon, Randall
Pasqualina Millone
B: 1929-01-06
D: 2020-09-21
View Details
Millone, Pasqualina
Barbara Kiddwell
B: 1947-03-22
D: 2020-09-21
View Details
Kiddwell, Barbara
Charles Werry
B: 1963-01-23
D: 2020-09-21
View Details
Werry, Charles
Darla Roberts
B: 1963-05-13
D: 2020-09-21
View Details
Roberts, Darla
George Howes
B: 1942-06-14
D: 2020-09-20
View Details
Howes, George
Carol Schoenfeld
B: 1956-06-05
D: 2020-09-14
View Details
Schoenfeld, Carol
Frank Markewinski
B: 1938-07-11
D: 2020-09-13
View Details
Markewinski, Frank
Patricia Bosiacki
B: 1935-10-06
D: 2020-09-11
View Details
Bosiacki, Patricia
Robert Fry
B: 1957-12-30
D: 2020-09-11
View Details
Fry, Robert
Chantal Taylor
B: 1956-09-03
D: 2020-09-11
View Details
Taylor, Chantal
Kenneth Kachman
B: 1941-09-20
D: 2020-09-10
View Details
Kachman, Kenneth


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Benefits of Cremation

The  Rise  of  Cremation

Why  do  people  choose  cremation?  Simply  put,  most  families  today  do  not  share  the  same  religious  beliefs  and  traditional  values  of  generations  before.  In  fact,  experts  are  predicting  that  by  the  year  2035,  more  than  70%  of  will  select  cremation  vs  burial.  Just  recently  in  2016,  the  cremation  rate  in  the  United  States  surpassed  50%  of  all  services  according  to  the  National  Funeral  Directors  Association. 

Religious  beliefs  and  tradition  are  not  the  only  reasons  why  more  and  more  families  are  choosing  cremation.  Yes,  it’s  true  that  for  many  years,  burial  services  carried  a  certain  level  of  tradition  that  didn’t  require  a  second  thought.  However,  today’s  families  are  beginning  to  discover  the  many  benefits  of  cremation.  In  addition,  many  are  choosing  to  forego  the  traditional  option  (burial)  and  instead  choosing  to  select  the  option  that  best  accommodates  their  wants  and  needs.

benefits of cremation Hagerstown MD

Benefits  of  Cremation 

While there are many reasons someone might choose cremation over burial, the simple answer comes down to six main things: cost, simplicity, flexibility, environmental concerns, cemetery availability, and religions becoming less strict.


As  with  most  major  purchases  today,  money  is  almost  always  a  deciding  factor  for  most  people.  When  you  look  at  the  general  price  list  for  most  funeral  homes,  you  will  often  find  that  the  cost  of  a  cremation  service  is  less  than  a  burial  service.  On average, the price of a cremation service is around 45-50% cheaper than a burial service. Because  there  is  no  need  to  purchase  items  like  a  casket,  vault,  or  headstone,  families  can  use  these  savings  to  help  the  surviving  family  or  offset  the  costs  of  the  service.  These  savings  can also  be  used  to  plan  a  more  meaningful  celebration  of  life  or  memorial  service. 

Environmental Concerns

Many see cremation as a greener option for caring for their loved one's remains. Burial often uses harsh chemicals to embalm the remains for a funeral service. This leads to concerns that those chemicals can contaminate the environment. Burial also takes up land space and disturbs the earth by bury the casket. While a crematory does release emissions, new equipment is constantly being developed to reduce the pollution and environmental impact.

Cemetery Availability 

If a particular cemetery is a popular or desired place to be buried, eventually it will become full. More and more cemeteries are becoming completely full, and due to short supply of spaces the price of burial plots is in turn, increasing. Cremation allows you to avoid the trouble and stress of finding a burial plot.


Simplicity  is  another  reason  why  cremation  is  better  for  most  families.  When  planning  a  burial  service  for  a  loved  one,  you  must  spend  time  away  from  your  family  to  select  a  cemetery,  organize  pallbearers,  purchase  a  casket  and  complete  many  other  tasks.  Cremation  offers  a  more  simplified  process  which  requires  less  of  your  time  away  from  your  family.  This  means  you  can  spend  the  days  following  your  loved  one’s  passing  with  family  and  friends  as  you  comfort  one  another  and  mourn  together.


A cremation service also allows for more flexibility. Since you can host a celebration of life or a memorial service weeks or even months after the cremation, you are not constrained by time. This means you can take your time to plan a more meaningful service and ensure guests can plan ahead and schedule themselves to be there. Furthermore, celebrations of life and memorial services do not operate on common traditions and rituals that traditional funerals do. Celebrations of life and memorial services give you the flexibility to make the ceremony much more personal and unique. They can take place almost anywhere and can take any type of format and style that you want.

Religions Becoming Less Strict

Many people are starting to move away from tradition due to religions having a more relaxed stance on cremation. Catholics believe that the soul is immortal and does not depend on the physical body. Since cremation of the deceased's remains do not affect his or her soul, according to the Church, there are no doctrinal objections to the practice (Bryner, 2016). The less strict beliefs of the Catholic church are becoming another reason that people are choosing cremation rather than burial. 

We're Here To Help You

If you are still unsure if cremation is the right option for you or your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding the benefits of cremation. We have helped many families choose why cremation is or is not the right choice for them and would be honored to assist you as well. 




Jeanna Bryner, Vatican Issues New Cremation Guidelines for 'Faithfully Departed';